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Warehouse workers checking inventory and consulting each other about organization and distribution of goods.

Logistics document processing is prone to transcription errors, missing data elements, voluminous paper work and other inefficiencies leading to higher costs, loss of productivity, and compliance risks. It also consumes critical hours to digitize and organize documents that can be better spent to interpret, analyze, and act on the outcomes.

AIQoD expertise in digitizing logistics documents like Invoices, AWBs, BOEs, BOLs, etc helps the stakeholders to digitize, extract, reconcile the data and leverage it for decisions by seamlessly integrating it with their downstream systems ..leading to faster processing of these documents with accuracy thereby leading to better customer experience.


  • Multi-source/formats like .jpeg,.pdf, email, etc.
  • Intelligent Document Classifier
  • Automated 2W/3W Reconciliation
  • Rule-Based Calculation of Tariff
  • Automated Validation & Verification
  • Multi-System Integration Connectors
  • Workflow/Task Management
  • Tracking & Monitoring of Shipments


The next-generation solution offered by AIQoD platforms facilitates cost optimization by 70-80% through smart compliance & control, instant visibility of workloads, quick turnaround time(TAT) on shipment document processing, and finally reduction in data entry costs leading to an ROI of 65% within months.


The intelligent document processing capabilities of the No-code solution caters to logistics & cargo segment documents like Invoices, Manifests, Air Waybills(AWB)/Sea Way/Surface Transport, Dangerous Goods Certificate(DGC), Bills of lading (BOL), Security Certificate(SC), Bill of Entry(BOE), Proof of delivery, etc.
The platform provides out-of-box functionality to configure role-based reports & dashboards for real-time monitoring of shipments.
Yes, the application can be downloaded on any mobile or hand-held device and the operations can be managed through it.
The system can be seamlessly integrated with various downstream systems like Cargowise, Skygain, LMIS, WMS, etc.
The AI-powered algorithms help in assessing the risks due to weather & geopolitical conditions, also suggests possible mitigation measures to the command center.

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