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In the engineering world, legacy documents exist only as paper copies, scanned images, or in pixelated format. Technically these are unstructured data because extracting information from such drawing using traditional manual efforts are highly time-consuming and resource-intensive.

That’s where Design2action comes into the picture. We have been able to apply our IDP (Intelligent Document processing platform) to automate Engineering Drawing – Vectorization and to achieve vectorized formats (.dwg/.dxf/.shp) for various operational & planning requirements.


  • Raster to Vector conversion, drawing enhancements, Layer addition
  • Rule-Based cross-referencing & matching of tags with Data Sheet
  • Group, Categorize elements from various drawings
  • Comparison/Validation against Template Drawings/Standards
  • Automated BOM/BOQ & schedule creation
  • GIS System Mapping & CAD Conversion
  • Bulk Drawing Annotation
  • Multi-System Integration


This unique sophisticated solution delivers digitized & editable content for different enterprise units requirements. The processed data provides improved accessibility, data compliance adherence, higher productivity, improved Customer Service & analytics for actionable insights.

Use Cases

This solution caters to the array of industries like Process/Piping Design for EPC/Oil & Gas, PDM/PLM & Drawing Management, Construction/Building Design Drawings, Manufacturing Design Drawing Automation, Design Quality Standards Check, etc.
Yes, the solution is capable of processing formats like scanned pdf/jpg/png/tiff/Dxf files of legacy drawings.
Auto-encoder-based denoising & super-resolution approach ensures drawings with deformed shapes, stains, images with lost data, Handwritten labels/text, Irregular curves, etc. be processed with best in class accuracy.
The pre-built connectors on our No-code platforms provide the capability to integrate with various integrated systems like SAP, Oracle, AutoCAD VAult, GIS, DXF Viewers, etc.

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