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GEO TWIN- Mobile First GIS Based Workorder & Asset Management

GeoTwinX - GIS Based Workorder & Asset Management

Many businesses and organizations face challenges like difficulty in understanding spatial relationships, inefficient use of resources, and a lack of coordination between teams which impact their efficiency and decision-making capabilities. Our GeoTwinX  offers a comprehensive solution to streamline operations and boost efficiency. With an intuitive interface and advanced features, our mobile-based application enables real-time tracking, scheduling, and analytics

GeoTwinX performs a range of tasks, including data collection from diverse sources, data management for organization and retrieval, and data analysis to uncover patterns and relationships. They enable the integration and manipulation of geospatial data, such as maps, and demographic information, allowing for spatial analysis and modeling. GeoTwinX support decision-making processes by providing insights through spatial querying, overlay operations, and statistical analysis.

  • Asset tracking
  • Work order forms
  • Maintenance schedule
  • Offline functionality
  • Measurement tools
  • Dashboard


Our GeoTwinX integrates spatial data with advanced analytics, enabling informed decision-making, resource optimization, trend identification, operational efficiency, infrastructure planning, emergency response.


 Industries that can benefit from a GeoTwinX application include utilities (Power, Solar, Gas, etc.), Renewable Energy, the Telecom sector, and Tower. Any organization that relies on asset management, work order management, and geospatial data can benefit from a GIS mobile application.

 GIS solutions offer significant returns on investment across multiple sectors. In urban planning, GIS optimizes infrastructure development, reducing costs and improving resource allocation. In the energy industry, GIS aids in efficient route planning for pipelines and power transmission, resulting in cost savings and reduced environmental impact. For transportation and logistics companies, GIS provides valuable insights for optimized routes, reduced fuel consumption, and improved delivery schedules. Overall, GIS solutions deliver tangible benefits through enhanced spatial analysis and informed decision-making.

 GeoTwinX is typically designed with security in mind, and many employ various security measures to protect geospatial data. This may include measures such as secure data encryption, secure data transmission protocols, and user authentication and authorization controls.

 Our GeoTwinX solution is designed to support engineers working in remote locations without network connectivity. It provides robust offline capabilities, allowing engineers to access GIS functionalities on their mobile devices even without an internet connection. They can view maps, collect field data, track assets, and complete work order forms offline. Once they regain network connectivity, their data can be synchronized with the central system. Our solution ensures engineers can work efficiently and make informed decisions, regardless of network limitations.

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