AIQoD 360 is a comprehensive suite of AI-powered SaaS products designed to empower businesses of all sizes to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and gain a competitive edge.

Unleash the Power of AI Across Your Business

AIQoD 360 acts as your one-stop shop solution for a range of intelligent products that cater to various aspects of your business.  Whether you’re looking to streamline document management, enhance collaboration, or optimize recruitment processes or getting a bird’s eye view of your entire organization through smart dashboards, AIQoD 360 has the tools you need to transform your organization into a Smart Digital Enterprise.

AIQOD360 encompasses a diverse range of SaaS products, each designed to address specific business needs. Discover How AIQOD360 Can Benefit your enterprise with a free trial.

Build a Resilient Smart Digital Enterprise

Integrated Dashboard to give a holistic view of your enterprise


  • Take Data-Driven Decisions through intuitive Dashboards
  • Dashboard for Management, Leads, and for individuals
Access Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device
  •  Run your entire business on the move, accessible anywhere, on any device like a mobile app.
Scale your Enterprise
  •  Scale without worrying about software upgrades, add products at the right time in your scaleup journey that best suits your business

Collaborative Ecosystem with Productivity Tools


  • Intelligent Operations
  • Employee Empowerment through Smart Handbook
 Drive Innovation through AIQoD 360 Co-Pilot
  • Chat or Talk to your Co-Pilot and get insights that help you in decision-making.

Unleash the Power of Gen AI Across Your Business

The platform offers a series of GenAI-based products which are usually required for a smooth functioning of any enterprise. Each product is equipped with features like GenAI-based co-pilot, Dashboards, Activity tracker, Alerts and many other features which are constantly added to each product on the platform to help their customers. The platform can be used anywhere, anytime and on any device and most importantly it’s all ready to use products which will help organizations to bring in efficiency to their operations with NO CAPEX.



  • Project and Task Management
  • Project and Productivity Dashboard for every role
  • Alerts and Notifications on assignment, closures, etc.
  • Get Insights through GenAI based Co-pilot

Smart Employee Handbook


  • Quick Launch with policy upload
  • DIY – GenAI-based automated responses with reference policy document link
  • Policy Document Management
  • Self-Learning through constant FAQ updates

  • Dashboard on policy status, FAQs, Query categories, etc

  • Auto Ticket generation for unresolved queries

Smart P2P


  • AI-based data capture for exceptional accuracies
  • Business rule validations for invoices received
  • Alerts and Notifications on exceptions
  • Dashboard/MIS for entire AP cycle
  • Lightning fast payment processing to avoid penalties

Smart Knowledge Bank


  • Quick Launch with knowledge base upload
  • DIY – GenAI-based automated responses with reference to knowledge document link
  • Document Management Management

  • Peer-to-peer learning

  • Self-Learning through constant FAQ updates

Upcoming Products…


  • Smart Claims – A claim processing solution to help enterprises improve employee experience by providing them a mobile first platform for easy and fast processing of claims.

  • Smart Recruit- Enhances HR’s resume shortlisting process, ensuring efficient candidate evaluation aligned with organizational needs using AI. It also streamlines job requisition creation, approval, and posting, ensuring clear visibility of open and closed job positions.

  • Smart contract- A Gen AI based contract life-cycle management solution with intelligent data digitization feature to track and monitor important clauses and data points to manage risks for an enterprise.

And many more are coming in 6 months…

Collab Pro

Smart Employee Handbook

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