In the engineering world, dealing with old paper drawings or pixelated images is a real headache. It takes a lot of time and effort to get useful information from them. But Engineering drawing vectorization is here to change the world. It uses a smart system called Intelligent Document Processing to make Engineering Drawing Vectorization a breeze, making planning and operations much smoother.


  • Clear and Crisp Drawings: Engineering Drawing Vectorization takes old, unclear drawings and transforms them into clear and detailed ones. It’s like upgrading a blurry photo to a high-resolution image.
  • Plot Details Extraction: The extraction of plot details from engineering drawings involves utilizing vectorization techniques to convert drawings into a digital format. By employing automated processes, crucial information such as Adjacent Road, total approved Load, Consultant/Contractor details, NOC ID, NOC comments, and Plot Address can be accurately identified and extracted. 
  • BOM/BOQ Creation: Vectorization is instrumental in the rapid and accurate generation of Bills of Materials (BOM) and Bills of Quantities (BOQ) from engineering drawings. By converting drawings into a machine-readable format, the extraction of component information becomes more efficient. This process facilitates seamless integration into maintenance, procurement, and inventory management systems, enhancing overall productivity and reducing the likelihood of errors in material lists.
  • Smart Tag Matching: The system intelligently matches tags (labels or identifiers) on drawings with relevant data sheets. Think of it as making sure that the right names are connected to the right information.
  • Organized Drawings: Engineering Drawing Vectorization organizes the components from several drawings that are arranged methodically. It’s similar to classifying things so that particular information is easily found.
  • Quality Check Against Templates: The system checks if drawings adhere to industry rules and standards by comparing them to templates. This is similar to ensuring that a document follows a set of guidelines or rules.
  • Automatic Lists and Schedules: Engineering Drawing Vectorization automates the creation of lists and schedules related to drawings. It’s like having a tool that automatically generates to-do lists based on your plans.
  • Mapping and Conversion Magic: Engineering Drawing Vectorization not only deals with drawings but also assists in mapping and converting drawings to different formats. This is comparable to a versatile tool that can be used in various ways.
  • Notations: If you need to add numerous notes to your drawings, Engineering Drawing Vectorization can handle it efficiently. Think of it as a tool that allows you to annotate or add comments to documents effortlessly.
  • Works Well with Others: Engineering Drawing Vectorization seamlessly integrates with other systems. It’s like a friendly tool that cooperates and collaborates with different tools to make your overall workflow smoother.


  • Easy-to-Use Digital Content: Engineering Drawing Vectorization makes your old drawings easy to work with on the computer. It’s like turning your old handwritten notes into a digital document that you can edit, just like typing on a computer.
  • Following the Rules: Engineering Drawing Vectorization ensures that all your information meets the standards set by the industry. It’s like having a guide that checks if you’re following the right steps and doing things the correct way.
  • Saves a Lot of Time: Because Engineering Drawing Vectorization does much of the work automatically, you don’t have to spend as much time doing things by hand. It’s like having a helper that does the boring parts of your homework so you can focus on the fun stuff.
  • Happy Customers: When your customers get clear and accurate information, they’re happy! It’s like when you get exactly what you wanted from a toy store – everyone leaves with a smile.
  • Smart Decision Help: Engineering Drawing Vectorization provides you with smart insights and information. It’s like having a wise friend who gives you good advice when you’re trying to decide what game to play or what movie to watch.


In the ever-evolving world of engineering, the challenges posed by legacy documents, often existing in analog or pixelated formats, are met head-on by Engineering Drawing Vectorization. This innovative solution, powered by Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), introduces a groundbreaking approach to Engineering Drawing Vectorization, revolutionizing operational and planning requirements.

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