01. Banking & Insurance

The Banking & Insurance Industry is heavily regulated and governed by stringent rules and supervised by RBI And IRDA . the core systems while being robust, secure, and scalable, need to provide customers and stakeholders with an excellent user experience. This requires efficient and effective use of modern technologies including Digitization, automation, AI, NLP to keep operational costs low, while delivering STP ( straight-through processing ) – all of this while maintaining stricter security protocol.
AIQoD No code Automation can help you in the following ways
  • Customer Onboarding
  • Cheque Clearing Automation
  • Bank Statement Generation
  • ATM Reconciliation
  • EOD Scheduled Reports
  • Remote KYC
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Passport Digitization Automation
  • Account Closure Process
  • Fraud Management
banking insurance

02. Financial Services (F&A)

The Finance and Accounting department involves a large number of transactional processes that are mundane, repetitive, error-prone, and time-consuming. One of the challenges for the workforce is to perform these tasks without any error, as even a minor mistake leads to substantial losses.

AIQoD No-code Symphonic & Cognitive platform improves the speed, accuracy, and reliability of numerous activities from invoicing, reconciliation to compliance and audit, by automating routine and high-volume transactional processes.

The wide array of financial processes which can be automated are,
  • AP Automation
  • VAT & Excise Filing
  • Payment Reconciliation
  • Automated Bookkeeping
  • Contract Digitization Solution
  • A/c Statement Generation
  • MIS Dashboard

03. Engineering & Manufacturing

Engineering and manufacturing segments of the industry have been always associated with complex and detailed drawings including mechanical, civil, Architectural, and electrical drawings. Many of these assets and IP is stored in physical form and even the digital ones undergo rapid changes with time as design changes.

AIQoD Design2action helps in digitizing these documents automatically rendering these physical drawings into vectorized form thereby reducing huge efforts and costs

  • Cross-Section/Plot/ Tag Extraction
  • Drawing Comparison & Validation
  • Lighting Layouts-Load Calculations
  • Bulk Drawing Annotation
  • Multi-Layer Creation
  • Cross-referencing & matching
  • BOM/BOQ Creation
  • GIS System Mapping
  • CAD Conversion

04. Retail & CPG

Retail and CPG segments are characterized by bulk transactions whether be it in form of invoices, orders, tickets, etc. being raised from time to time. Handling these documents practically is always a tiresome, inefficient, and time-consuming activity. Here, is AIQoD No code solution offerings for the retail addressing their pain points

  • Order Processing
  • Order Fall-Out Management
  • Procure to Pay Process
  • QR & Barcode extraction
  • IT Helpdesk & Service Automation

05. Specialized Solutions

Accelerated adoption of automation technologies is observed across industry segments globally recently due to various factors, reshaping the future of work and increased reliance on intelligent technologies. Some of AIQoD automation solutions that have been most sought of include :

  • Logistics Document Reconciliation
  • Media & Publishing House Automation
  • Medical Emergency Solution
  • Medical Reports, ADR, Prescriptions Digitization
  • Travel Desk Automation
  • Trip Management / On-Road Fleet Monitoring
  • Social Media Management
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