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Enterprises & Large distribution companies have undergone a huge transformation over the last few years implementing interconnected …IT Systems to manage increasing transactions from customers and partners . Some of the examples are online retail companies ,Food delivery ,e commerce and M commerce Apps. While many have brought in digital transformation some organizations still rely on manual order processing and reconciliation leading to operational inefficiencies like erroneous data entries, delayed deliveries & poor client satisfaction. It is the compelling need of the hour for the companies to implement order management fall out ..using hyper automation bots to constantly monitor and track orders in real time and provide fall outs to the operations team.

AIQoD Automated Order Management Solution provides business-critical solution by providing automated processing of orders from different sources. It uses script-based bots to monitor and avoid fall-outs resulting in orders getting processed within SLAs and updated operational dashboards with real time status ensuring robust order to cash (O2C) cycle. The Hyper Automation assisted solution helps enterprises to automate business processes across different departments for improved profitability, faster deliveries, inventory visibilities, and visibility through real time analytics


  • Read & write data from excel/text file
  • Headless Browser/ Recorder with scheduling option
  • Automatic creation of Maker-Checker Status flow
  • Automated Approval Workflows & Task Management
  • Order Regulation (cancel, errors, etc.) using Short Closes
  • Auto Reference Number generation & Price Verification
  • Screenshot capture with error notification for exception handling
  • Bank Reconciliation for all payments received against orders


Brings sophistication in the Order Fulfillment process by our No-code Platform that helps in automating data entry for Order & invoice processing, order regulation & order fallout management. This offers benefits like minimized manual intervention, error-free execution, reduce delivery delays & visibility, thus reducing overall operating cost by 60-70% and overall better customer experience

Use Cases

AIQoD solution is designed to facilitate the creation, verification & processing of orders quickly and accurately by enabling efficiencies in functions like Order Processing, Order Fallout Management, Payment Processing & reconciliation Automation, Order Regulation (DOA, DMG, Short Close, etc), Claim Processing, Automated Order Acknowledgement.

The solution’s out-of-box capabilities help to collect and process information from various sources like excel, word, text, and web-based applications.
Yes, the unique feature of Headless Browser helps the user to parallely work on their routine tasks while the application is running in the backend, so a dedicated system is not required.
Various alerts & notifications can be configured by the business users as per their business processes and committed SLAs, to perform robust operation management, thus improving client-relationship.
The platform offers inbuilt multi-system Integration Connectors for smooth connections with applications like Oracle/SAP, Google Sheets, and various Banks and other financial systems.

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