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In today’s dynamic work environment, ensuring employees have instant access to clear and accurate policy information is paramount. Introducing Smart Employee Handbook, your one-stop solution for revolutionizing company policy access and employee self-service.

Why Choose a Smart Handbook?

  • Empowered Employees, Streamlined HR: Enable employees to find answers independently, freeing HR teams from repetitive policy inquiries.
  • Instant Knowledge Accessibility: Make company policies readily available to all employees, anytime and anywhere.
  • Reduced Onboarding Time: New hires can quickly access relevant policies through Copilot, accelerating the onboarding process.
  • Effortless Policy Navigation: Empower your workforce with instant access to clear and concise policy information.
  • Improved Employee Self-Service: Foster a culture of self-reliance and reduce reliance on HR for basic policy inquiries.
  • Enhanced Compliance: Ensure all employees are aware of company policies, promoting a compliant work environment.

Key Features

  • Gen-AI Copilot: Ask questions in plain language, just like you would your manager or HRs or Admins. Copilot leverages AI to understand your intent and deliver the perfect answer.
  • AI-powered Knowledge Base: No more sifting through documents! Copilot intelligently searches policy content to provide comprehensive answers.
  • Effortless Policy Uploads: Upload policy documents in various formats for Copilot to analyze and learn from it to respond to employee queries.
  • HR-Managed FAQs: Build a robust knowledge base with FAQs and answers for common policy inquiries and keep growing the responses to reduce human intervention for standard responses.
  • Quick Links for Frequent Questions: Streamline access to frequently asked questions with links to relevant sections.
  • Continuous Learning and Improvement: Copilot learns from employee queries and Admin-added content, constantly improving its accuracy.
  • Security & Compliance: Rest assured, employee data is secured with industry-leading safeguards, adhering to all data privacy regulations.
  • Copilot can answer your any questions.

Embrace the Future of Employee Policy Access with a Smart Employee Handbook!

The same platform will see a upgrade in the coming months for managing knowledge bank in an organization. Typically Knowledge is one of the most common commodity available but at the same time most difficult to access the way users wants it and we will be bringing in one of the most disruptive knowledge consumption platform every enterprise needs which will bring more than 70% efficiency in their operations.

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