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Legal documents are the heart and soul of all businesses and government agencies. Referring to these large voluminous documents for clauses, sub-clauses, attributes, etc. is a tedious & time-consuming task that leads to reduced overall efficiency, productivity, and accuracy while responding to market and regulatory requirements in stricter timelines.

AIQoD Intelligent Document Digitization solution with AI/ML/OCRi/NLP/NLG technologies with the ability to identify, extract & digitize the contents from large legacy documents within a few minutes. This provides actionable data of key clauses like risk-related threats, payment milestones, termination, amendment, undesirable clause, stamp detection, renewal alerts, and many more business-critical data at your fingertips in real time.

  • Document Comparison (Old & Current)
  • Document Reviews & Annotation
  • Dynamic & Template-based Document creation
  • Clause Library management
  • Stakeholder Approval Workflows
  • Authorization Management
  • Integration with Adobe Sign & Docusign
  • Indexed storage & archiving
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The solution provides real-time access and visibility of legal records at various stages of processing, enabling users to instantly search, manage digital record life cycle, standardized data quality, and integrity, audit trail, real-time analytical reports, alerts of upcoming renewals, etc. help to ensure robust operational efficiencies and relationships with clients.


This solution caters to Legal, Constitutional, Business & Government documents like Contracts, Agreements, Lease & Consulting Documents, Power of Attorney, Deed of Sales, Will & Testament, Partnership Documents, etc.
Yes, the solution is capable of processing formats like scanned .pdf/.jpg/.png/.tiff of historical/legacy documents.
The solution is capable of highlighting and giving digitized content in any format or in the form of custom reports.
The in-built connectors on our Intelligent platform provide the capability to integrate with various integrated systems like SAP, Oracle, CMS, etc.
The intelligence added to the algorithms proactively keeps a check on any such keywords/clauses that can harm the reputation of the organization.

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