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Background Verification Document Digitization

Smart Background Verification (BGV)

Many businesses and organizations struggle with background verification (BGV) due to capacity constraints for handling documents. The process is time-consuming and requires significant effort and it becomes complex with different document types, formats, legal compliance, verification sources, data security, and communication challenges. Moreover, human errors can occur, leading to unreliable outcomes. To tackle these challenges, we present the Smart BGV platform, a revolutionary solution that guarantees a substantial return on investment (ROI) and ensures an impressive 50% reduction in operational costs.

For simplified and improved results, AIQod’ Smart Background Verification (BGV) solution makes use of generative AI and machine learning technologies. This solution is intended to help BGV enterprises directly manage the issues they encounter and improve accuracy and consistency. Our main objective is to help you overcome these difficulties so that your company can grow in terms of the BGV process and realize all of its potential.

  • Extraction
  • Verification & Reconciliation
  • QC Report Generation
  • MIS/ERP Integration
  • Improved TAT
  • Real-time Dashboards
  • Flexible Workflows


The solution helps in the Background verification processing of documents with Automated document processing, accurate data extraction, streamlined verification, Guaranteed ROI, 50% cost savings, organized output, reduced manual intervention, improved efficiency, and enhanced data security.


Common documents included in background verification may consist of employment-related documents (pay slips, service letters), educational certificates (mark sheets, degree certificates, provisional certificates), and verification reports (QC verification report, third-party verification report).

The background verification process can be customized to align with specific organizational requirements. The rules, criteria, workflows, and document types can be tailored to suit the organization’s needs.

Our Background Verification Automation solution integrates smoothly with your existing application portal and processes. We tailor the solution to your needs, connect through APIs, and ensure data consistency. The user interface matches seamlessly.

Investing in automation give time-saving benefits by reducing manual tasks and errors. It facilitates scaling up, regardless of team size, enhancing accuracy, and enabling staff to concentrate on strategic responsibilities. This shows a remarkable 50% reduction in operational costs, improved resource allocation, a guaranteed return on investment (ROI), and elevated customer experiences. These combined advantages pave the way for sustained efficiency gains in the long run.

BGV automation accelerates the verification process, eliminating bottlenecks and delays caused by manual workflows. It ensures that verification tasks are completed consistently and promptly, reducing the time and allowing teams to focus on more strategic aspects of the process.

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