How To Manage Time Instead of Time Managing Us !!! - Part 4
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Welcome to Part 4 of the six-part series on “How to Manage your Time, Instead of Time Managing Us “.

In Part 1 ,2 & 3, we have explored how “Staying Healthy”, “Planning the Day” & “Managing the Daily Tasks” helps us in Managing our valuable Time. In Part-4, let’s understand how “Staying Motivated“ is important

4.  Staying Motivated

To be able to stick to our plan, it is important that we also stay motivated until the time the task is complete. Staying motivated need, a lot of work on self. We cannot depend on external factors to keep ourselves motivated and expect to be happy and motivated throughout. We have to have a very good self-control and a strong will power to be able to manage our motivation.

Look for internal motivation  – The problem with external motivational factor is, we do not have any control on it. Once we achieve whatever we wanted, we will again need another motivation to keep us going. It is always better if we stop looking for motivation outside our control zone.

Find inspiration   – There are many things that we can learn from others. Always have something or someone you would like to consider as your role model or can learn from and you look up to. This person or persons can be from any phase of your life or a person whom you have never met, but only read or heard about.

Deal with stress wisely   – There is no one in this world who does not have any kind of problems in their life. Everybody is going through some or the other stress. In order for us to remain motivated, we will also need to be able to manage our stress.


How To Manage Time Instead of Time Managing Us !!! - Part 4

Take regular breaks – Taking regular breaks from work help refresh and think through certain aspects and start afresh.


Perfection – Do not look for 100% perfection in everything you do. It is important to understand the need of the hour and accordingly take decisions.

  To Summarize :  The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there. -Vince Lombardi

Some people want it to happen, some people wish it would happen, others make it happen. -Michael Jordan

This brings us to the end of Part-4: Staying Motivated

In Part 5, we will learn about the importance of “Discipline” & how it is beneficial in managing time. We are almost nearing the end of the series, do share your thoughts on the 4 steps discussed till now, and let us know on how much were you able to manage time. 

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