How to manage time, instead of time managing us?
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Is there a magic potion for being productive, meeting deadlines, and delivering more than what is expected?

Yes, there is and it is not any serum or tablet or capsule that you can just gulp down with a cup of morning coffee and expect things to happen magically.

It is understanding the essence of time and it’s direct relation with success and money. If we respect time, time will respect us.

It is for nothing wise men and great leaders have said “Time is Money”. The one who has understood this, is already on the path of success.

How do you manage time? How do you strive for balance between professional and personal life? How do you take care of yourself and still manage to deliver everything and keep your bosses wondering?

The best way to achieve all of this is by being self-managed.

What do you mean by self-managed? 

Someone who does not need to be supervised, someone who does not need any external motivational driving factor, someone who will do the work irrespective of whether anybody is watching or appreciating, someone who takes the ownership and accountability. 

This is nirvana 😊. Is it really possible to achieve this state?

In this pandemic time and working from home situation, this issue of managing time and delivery has become all the more prevalent.


Let’s start from basics. Here are the 6 key steps to become a self-managed person, which will ultimately help achieve the end goal of managing time efficiently.

1.      Staying Healthy

Staying healthy is the first step towards creating the path to success. Only a healthy mind and body can remain happy and think positively even during challenging time. So, it is very important that we take care of our body and mind. Make it a point to

·         Set a fixed daily routine – Set a fixed routine, which includes getting up time, eating time, exercises, sleeping. This helps our body work smoothly with less resistance.

·         Exercise regularly – For a healthy body, exercise is as important as eating. Take out daily time for it. Include walking, stretching exercises, yoga, whatever you are comfortable with. The important point is to do it regularly.

·         Meditate daily – Meditation helps in calming your mind and help focus. Start in a small way, by giving 10-15 min of quiet time/meditation. Reading books, travelling, listening to music, having good social life/friends also helps calm and relax the mind.

·         Eat healthy and at the right time – Eat healthy, right mix of food types and quantity of food at the right time. Our eating habits affects our mood.

·         Keep hydrated – Drinking enough water to keep our body hydrated throughout the day is very important. 

·         Have a good sleep – Last but not the least, sleep is equally important to keep us healthy, so do not ignore it. 

To summarize: A healthy body and sound mind keep the person happy. A happy person is more
productive in comparison to an unhappy person. Once in a while cheating is allowed
but should stick to the routine as far as possible.

This brings us to the end of Part-1: Staying Healthy

In Part 2, we will dig into other key steps
on how to manage time like “Planning the Day” Till then Stay Tuned and adopt
the above to start managing your time….


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