How To Manage Time Instead of Time Managing Us !!! - Part 6
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Welcome to Part 6 the last part of the six-part series on “How to Manage your Time, Instead of Time Managing Us “.

In the previous parts, we have explored how “Staying Healthy”, “Planning the Day”, “Managing the Daily Tasks”, Staying Motivated” & “Discipline” can help us in Manage our Time effectively. In this final part, let us all evaluate what worked and what didn’t for each one of us…..

6 .  Checkpoint

  • Wake up same time every day?
  • Are you overweight?
  • Is your inbox empty?
  • Is your house clean and organized?
  • When you promise to yourself, in what percentage its kept?
  • How many hours of focused work you have in a regular day?
  • How many hours you watch TV, can you stop watching TV for 30 days?
  • When was the last time you implemented a habit?
  • What is your perceived level of discipline?
  • Do you make up your bed in the morning?
  • Are you an addict?
  • Is your desk organized?
  • When you promise to someone, in what percentage its kept?
  • How often do you exercise?
  • Do you have clear written goals alongside a plan of action?
  • How many hours you spend on social media?
  • When did you last give up a negative habit?

Share your scores in the comments below, out of 17 how much could you possibly do are able to answer confidently.

What Successful people do differently?

Whatever happens, do not get distracted by challenges and hurdles.

There is in no one in this world who is not undergoing any kind of challenges. Everybody is fighting some or the other battle. People who use these challenges as stepping stones instead of hurdles comes out of it with flying colours.

Mindset Shift required for SUCCESS

  • Time management vs Energy Management
  • Marathon vs Series of Sprints
  • Breaks as Productive time
  • Importance of Positive thinking vs Total immersion
How to Manage Time, Instead of Time Managing Us !!! - Part 6

Committed Mindset

  • Deliver what is promised
  • Finish what is started 
  • Improve every day with study and practice
  • Daily productivity rituals and routines
How to Manage Time, Instead of Time Managing Us !!! - Part 6

Disciplined Mindset

  • Continue to work on idea after initial enthusiasm has worn off
  • Exercise daily
  • Wake up early in the morning
  • Say no to giving up on diet 
  • Less on social media
How to Manage Time, Instead Of Time Managing Us !!! - Part 6

Abstract for the Series “How to Manage your Time, Instead of Time Managing Us “.

  • Prioritize
  • Break bigger items into small actionable tasks 
  • Group similar activities and act on them together
  • Be prepared for the day
  • Delegation
  • 100% responsibility
  • Clarify the results and write it down
  • Ask for a deadline & write down the deadline
  • Do not be too available
  • Never make it personal
  • Never take the agreed upon deadlines lightly
  • Never fail to deliver on your promises
  • Give 100% to whatever you are taking up
How To Manage Time, Instead Of Time Managing Us !!! part 6
  • Email and PC
    1. Inbox 0 
    2. Level 1 and 2 message instantly
    3. Prioritize mail response
    4. Desktop 80-100% free
    5. Ratio of folders to files 5 to 1
  • Tool – Pomodoro Technique
    1. Set timer for 25 mins
    2. Non-stop work
    3. 5 mins break
    4. Four pomodoro sessions 15-20 mins break
    5. Repeat this as many times as possible during the day
How To Manage Time, Instead Of Time Managing Us !!! Part 6

As the saying goes “Sweat in peace than bleeding in war”

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