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Recently I got an opportunity to be part of GITEX one of the most awaited events in Dubai were technology companies from across the world come together to showcase their products and many businesses look at utilising these sophisticated and futuristic products.
The entire setup was set in Dubai style, you seem to have entered into a different world altogether and believe me it’s hard to make this statement because Dubai as such looks cool in every aspect, their metro stations, bus terminals, roads, everything looks pitch perfect. With that picture already implanted in your mind, very difficult to imagine that you will find something even better.

The Government section had the coolest stalls, and it hosted right at the entrance one of the most sophisticated SUV I have ever seen, bulletproof, classy lightings, interior was more of a sci-fi movie car were it was more display panels than leather and it was not regular display panels, it had all data analytics, image recognition technologies built in to help police have information on their fingertips while on the move. Government section was standing out with a luxurious setup and spacious seating and then there was every other stall, trying to find its space in the jungle.
You could see sections from every country who wanted to leave their mark at the world stage including a section from India and why I call it a jungle because there was so much innovation around that for someone to stand out in that was a miracle. You could see every piece of current to future technologies in there from ERPs to IoT devices to robots to holograms.

HyperVsn caught the eyes of many onlookers and was one of the most crowded sections with their beautiful 4D display of products it was definitely something from the future. I could see how the world will look like soon with holograms being part of everything that we do in future, in marketing, operations and even visual analysis and reporting.
Till now it was just my gut feeling, but that day I saw the world moving too fast for us to catch up with the trend. We all need advancement in technology to compete with the best in the world before its too late to react. We all need to get out of our old ancient business practices and start venturing into the world of technology loaded with bots, machine learning and AI which will give us the edge and more importantly keep us alive in this fast-moving world.

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